Hi, I’m Enya!

I discovered that Enya means 'God’s eye' and that just once again reassured me that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t try to stage the perfect photo or expect a flawless outcome because that is not how we experience life. I try to be present, observe and capture the moments as they are unfolding in front of me!

I absolutely love being a wedding photographer, and I truly see this title as the person who will be present at one of the most memorable moments in your life. It feels weird calling it a job, because my business is 100% driven by my passion for photography and the joy I find in serving others!

“I love that photos make you feel something. I love the imperfectly-perfect moments of a wedding day.  Where human connection comes to life through just one click.”

At home, I'm a dog-mom to my boi Benji, an owner of 24 fussy indoor plants and recently a whole ass fiancé to my high school sweetheart (So, we’re basically on the same wedding planning page).

Our hearts beat for adventure, and the three of us (Myself, Selwyn and Benji) often go on trips to the most beautiful places around SA. I feel most alive after a proper mountain hike, getting the perfect lookout spot and getting a cheese platter out. I Gouda tell ya, I’ll use any excuse for a cheese platter. (I just had to)

For my personal life, film photography has been our way of capturing our special moments. There is something so raw to it, and that is why it is slowly being incorporated into my work. Here are some of my faves, stretching back to our Uni years in 2017.

I believe...


that everyone deserves their true personality to be captured. Of course you’ll get some beautifully posed portraits, but have you ever looked at a photo of someone you know and love and said “yep, that’s them! That’s how I remember them.”


that all love stories are equally beautiful and deserve to be captured in the most honest way!


that photographs are unknowingly the main source to bring back some forgotten memories.


that real and open conversations are very important to any relationship, professional or personal!


that this journey has made me learn more about love and relationships than I ever could imagine!

About you

That's enough about me. This celebration is all about you! You deserve to be 100% present on your wedding day with the people who are all there for you, to feel like your authentic self in front of the camera and feel comfortable doing so, to make this day your own unique experience and to know and trust that your day will be captured beautifully.

Have questions? I've got the answers.